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Author HABICH. G. . .
Title Die Deutschen Schaumunzen des XVI. Jahrhunderts. (Munich, 1929-1934). Reprinted, London, 1994.
Description Four volumes of text, 4 of plates, 8 parts in two volumes. Folio, pp. xxvi, 130; (xli) - lxxvi. (131) - 262; (lxxxii) - cxxiv, (263) - 460; (cxxxii), (461) - 558. Register; 48 pages; 334 fine plates, with many illustrations in the text. A fine quality reprint. Important, and still the essential standard work. Contrasting black and green cloth, gilt. As new. Out of print, and no longer available from the publishers. This high quality reprint was published in 1994 at 850 and quickly sold out.
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