I have recently (September 2022) purchased from Spinks all the remaining sets of Christian and Yvette Dekeselís monumental series of Numismatic Bibliographies, the three different works covering numismatic publications of the 16th Century (published 1997), the 17th Century (published 2003), and the most recently published six-volume set dealing with 18th Century (published 2009-2020).
All are now out of print and are no longer available from Spink. All volumes are profusely illustrated, and this monumental series represents approaching 50 years of painstaking work by the indefatigable husband and wife team of Christian and Yvette Dekesel.
The volumes were originally published at £175, £375 (3-volume set), and £810 (6 volume set).
If you are interested in acquiring any of the volumes please ask me for details or check my website where they are listed for sale. All currently available volumes are listed on my website. Stock is very limited, especially of the complete 6-volume set 18th Century Bibliography.
100 or less sets of the 18th Century bibliography were published, and all the Dekesel volumes are most unlikely ever to be reprinted.