08/01/2015 Harry Manville Library
I have purchased the extensive library relating to British numismatics, formed by H. E. Manville.
I have known Harrington (Harry to almost everyone who knows him personally) Emerson Manville for more than 45 years. He is a good friend, a totally dedicated numismatist and an indefatigable researcher - he is totally committed to his subject and is a leading numismatist in his own area, the coinages of the British Isles.
Well-known internationally, his numismatic work is fully appreciated by all those involved with coins: collectors, students, dealers, and all serious researchers within the subject. Harry is respected the world over for the huge amount of research work he has done in upwards of 50 years, enabling him to produce the 6-volumes of the Encyclopaedia of British Numismatics - the first volume of which was completed with the help of T.J. Robertson (“Robbie”), in 1986. Harry and Jo have many friends worldwide, not a few of whom are based here in the United Kingdom, a country regarded by both of them as a second home.
Having retired in early 1980 from government service in the United States, Harry sold his main and important collection of British coins in Spink sale 9 (4 June 1980), and has spent much of the past 35 years working on the Encyclopaedia, the final volume of which has recently been published by Spink, London.
More informed collectors of British coins appreciate the tremendous value of his first volume in the series – British Numismatic Auction Catalogues 1710 – 1984. (1986), a work of such importance to collectors and to dealers that the value of it cannot be over-emphasized. It is an essential tool for tracing the provenance of coins, important and not so important. Collectors of British coins owe a very big debt to Harry Manville.
Building a numismatic library, and having it near to hand was essential to Harry. Living in Washington from the late 1970s, after work-related travel slowed down Harry could concentrate more on his main goal – working on the Encyclopaedia. Frank and Laurese Katen, who started their business dealing in coins and numismatic literature in the early 1950s, and based not far from Harry, in Silver Spring, MD became very close friends. Harry was also friendly with Eliza and Vladimir Clain-Stefanelli curators of the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. Although he had access to the major numismatic library there (albeit it relatively weak in the area of British numismatics) work on building his own library became more focussed from the mid-1970s. Harry and Jo re-located to Seattle in mid- 2014, in order to be near to their family; the final volume of the Encyclopaedia was published, and the decision was made to dispose of the library.
Harry has built a remarkable numismatic library, focussed naturally on British numismatics. As well as including the more interesting and scarce, not a few rare, and a handful or two of unique books and catalogues, many less-significant, but still important works are also included in Harry’s very extensive library. Almost all the standard works on the subject are included, as well as a remarkable collection of British auction sale catalogues going back to the middle years of the 18th century. It is a tribute to Harry that he amassed so much important, interesting and obscure material, and not a few unique items. We welcome enquiries for specific items. At present we have no plans to issue a fixed price catalogue.
Douglas Saville
H.E. Manville publications (available from our stock- see our website)
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Tokens of the Industrial Revolution. Foreign Silver Coins Countermarked for use in Great Britain, c.1787-1828. Spink, London 2001. (BNS Special Publication No. 3)
Innumerable articles/papers/notes in Spink’s Numismatic Circular, London, Seaby’s Coin and Medal Bulletin, London, British Numismatic Journal, London, and elsewhere.