28/01/2011 Auction sales catalogues
We have an extensive stock of auction sales catalogues- probably the largest selection anywhere at present. These form a part of a huge library we purchased some months ago. They include those issued by the following companies:
Baldwins, Christies, Dupriez (Brussels), Glendining, Hess-Divo, Hess, Hess-Leu, Hirsch (Munich), Kastner, Kunker, Lanz (Munich and Graz), Leu, M & M (Basel) sales and Listes, M & M Deutschland, Munz Zentrum, Munzhandel Basel, NAC, NFA, Peus, Santamaria, Schulman (Jacques and Hans), Sotheby, Spink, UBS, and others. Wants Lists attended to. Please contact us for further information.